Classic roast chicken & potatoes

Chicken is such a common meal now but once upon a time the classic roast chicken was what we had on special occasions or Sunday lunch with the family…

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Frilled lettuce salad with herbs

Sometimes you just need a basic salad to add to a main meal. There are so many different ways to make salad and this one is simple with a little twist of herbs…

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Simple & basic pesto

Pesto is great to have in a variety of dishes. It can be the highlight of a pasta, a base for a wrap or a pizza. Topping for chicken and a variety of other dishes…

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Simple & basic vegetable stock

Making vegetable stock is easy and you can use a variety of vegetables to your taste. We have found that the combinations listed in our vegetable stock give a nice flavour to any recipe …

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Simple & basic quinoa

Quinoa is a seed and can be used as a substitute for rice. It is light, fluffy, high in protein and is gluten free. There is a multitude of ways to use quinoa…

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Simple & basic brown rice

Brown rice has a richer depth of flavour and is filling. Brown rice and white rice are similar with the difference in the processing and nutrients…

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