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Sing Hallelujah was recorded by Dr Alban who was born in Imo Nigeria as Alban Uzoma Nwapa. Sing Hallelujah is from his second studio album One Love. It became a hit reaching top 10 in many European countries and also charted in the UK Singles Chart at No.16.

What we like

  • We love the simple song quality combinations. The simplicity of lyrics that join us together, the rejoicing of Hallelujah, the depth of Dr’s voice and the beat that keeps the feet tapping and the body wanting to move. Let’s rejoice with happiness together and Sing Hallelujah!

Mind experience

  • At the age of 23 years Alban left Nigeria to move to Sweden to study dentistry. While studying he became a disc jockey and became well known as he sang the songs he played. He continued to be a DJ while he completed Dentistry and even when he opened his own practice. He later meet up with Denniz Pop from the SweMix Label and went on to make his first record.  Others followed including this song which became an international hit. It goes to show you that even the most unlikely combination of careers are possible…

To think about

  • Come on
    Happy people, come on
    Jam with me, oh Lord
    Sing this song, come on, come on, come on


Link to Dr Alban official website
Map the mind musician’s birthplace
Map the photograph location

  1. I love this song! It’s one of my favourites from the 90s. It’s on my ‘workout’ playlist and always gets me going!

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