Elizabeth Lindsey – curating humanity’s heritage

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Elizabeth Lindsey is a native Hawaiian who was raised as a child with elders. In this heart felt TED talk Elizabeth Lindsey shows us the rich world of the Polynesians and how the wisdom that has been passed down by elders is getting lost in the modern world.

What we like

  • Lindsey takes us through her very personal journey and shows us that modern technology and techniques cannot even begin to understand that which has been passed down through the ages

Soul experience

  • There are so many of us that have not been in touch with any “elders” and feel disconnected.  If you have heard stories from the past it may seem irrelevant in a modern world.  Perhaps, if you take the time to listen you may feel the richness of this long history, our history.  In keeping in touch with this collective history we gain the wisdom of the years and are able to make choices for the good of not only of ourselves but expand out to include the greater family and our earth

To reflect on

  • Elizabeth Lindsey:  The planet is our canoe, and we are the voyagers. True navigation begins in the human heart.  It’s the most important map of all.  Together, may we journey well.


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