Olivier Dahan – La vie en rose

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La Vie en rose is a biographical movie about the French cabaret singer, songwriter and actress Edith Piaf.  The movie weaves the story of her life through key events.  Edith Piaf known as the Little Sparrow became the heart and soul of Paris and France through the passion of delivery of her songs.

Soul Stars – Marion Cotillard, Gérard Depardieu, Sylvie Testud

What we like

  • From a life of struggle and despair the talent of Edith Piaf rises and cannot be suppressed
  • Many of Edith Piaf’s famous songs are featured throughout the movie.  The movie ends with one of her most famous and significant songs Non, je ne regrette rien 

Soul experience

  • Having a gift can be quite separate to the life you live.  Your gift may determine what you need to do in life and what opportunities that come your way.  Yet living your life is something that you can determine regardless of your gift.  You can determine what you want and where you want life to take you.  Edith Piaf’s advice was to love and in that one word we can find a way of living.  Through love we can embrace our life and move through it giving and receiving all with good intent.  Through love we can work to enhance our lives and those around us.  Even when the events in life seem to turn on us, we can still find a place of love to bring us home  

To reflect on

  • Interviewer: What advice would you give a woman?
    Edith Piaf: Love.
    Interviewer: To a young girl?
    Edith Piaf: Love.
    Interviewer: To a child?
    Edith Piaf: Love.


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