Swing Out Sister – breakout

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Released in 1986 Breakout was the second single from Swing Out Sister’s debut album It’s Better to Travel. The song resulted in a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group.

What we like

  • A classic that encourages self-awareness, confidence and action

Mind experience

  • Life circumstances can often present you with situations that just don’t seem to feel quite right. If we decide just to accept it without reflection we can be swept up into the situation getting lost in the drama. Yet if we start to evaluate or becoming aware of our inner voice we are no longer trapped by the circumstances. Our inner voice teaches us to see things for what they are and then to take steps to break out of the chains that hold us in the drama and take destiny back into our own hands. What do you need to breakout of now?

To think about

  • When situations never change
    Tomorrow looks unsure
    Don’t leave your destiny to chance
    What are you waiting for
    The time has come to make your break


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