Vegan Starters

Totally vegetable lasagne

Want to have a totally vegetable lasagne experience? Well this has a few components that will deliver a very light tasting lasagne. Zucchini ribbons form your sheets and lightly…

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Rosemary & garlic crisps

We like these crisps to add to a variety of dishes in a meal. The crisps can be used for dips as well. Easy to prepare and quick to assemble the crisps combine wraps…

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Eggplant & capsicum in a red sauce – caponata

This dish is known by it’s Italian name as caponata. We have also mixed a bit of Greece with it through the olives…

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Eggplant stacks

Eggplant stacks will look very elegant as a starter for an impressive dinner party and taste just as good as they look. Be warned it is a labour intensive dish and surely will be a labour of love…

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Bite size cashew spread wraps

These wraps are great as a starter for a dinner party or a treat for the family. It is light and satisfying so it is perfect to keep the hungry guests or family at peace. You can use any type of wrap to your…

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Chickpea pizza with tomatoes & olives

This chickpea flour dish originated in Italy. It can be served in many variations being as simple as with no topping. Slice this pizza in 8 to serve as…

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