Treat yourself as your best friend

How are you as a friend?

Are you there for your friends in times of trouble?  Or anytime to help?  Well, how about for yourself?  Do you do the same…

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Share your light

Think about relationships you have had in your life. Each and every one was sent to help you grow. You may have also played a part in their growth whether the other person learns or not. What we do have control over is what we take away…

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Just the way I am

You have strengths as well, your successes and they have been present since the day you were born. You were strong enough to come into this world weren’t you? You were successful when you took your first steps and first spoke.,,

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Start-up mode > click the exercise button

Why do it if you don’t enjoy it? Life is too short to be whinging and moaning about exercise. Exercise is one of the keys to keeping our body in good condition and enjoyment helps us tone our mind and soul. Find activities that you like to do. If you like dancing or like talking for instance find an exercise regime that incorporates these elements…

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Camino de Sydney | Route 5 | Hurstville via Kogarah Bay to Botany Bay

For this Camino I decided to take a journey through a more familiar territory and wanted to see if I could see it with fresh new eyes. As the quote from Marcel Proust goes “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”…

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Camino de Sydney | Route 4 | Martin Place to East Balmain

It was a strange start to my camino, almost a test. I was on the train heading for Martin Place Station when I noticed a man to the right of me getting irritated by the minute and vocalising it. Behind me was a man who was on the phone speaking quite loudly…

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Camino de Sydney | Route 3 | Edgecliff to Watsons Bay

There glistening with the sun on the water was that magnificent view of the harbour and city like some magical dream. Hypnotically I walked through that street soaking every aspect of the area. It was only later on that I discovered where I had been. It was Wolseley Road Point Piper home to the most expensive properties in Australia…

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Camino de Sydney | Route 2 | Circular Quay to Greenwich

Australia holds a multitude of natural treasures and yet this seems to be misused over recent times due to industrial and economic reasoning. Now more than ever we need to look after this precious ecosystem to ensure the natural resources are not exploited, damaged…

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Camino de Sydney | Route 1 | Inner Sydney

We work longer hours and spend our money to accumulate more things that perpetuate this. Or can we take heed from other cities, learn and make changes now before it gets out of control? At the very least we as individual’s can acknowledge those homeless or not with a smile, a hello, a kind word or conversation…

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