Treat yourself as your best friend

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How are you as a friend?
Are you there for your friends in times of trouble?  Or anytime to help?  Well, how about for yourself?  Do you do the same?

Funny question to ask you might think. When we are going through some tough times we often forget how to be a best friend to ourselves.

How do you speak to yourself when you make a choice that is not so great.  Do you offer the same words of wisdom you would to a friend.  Like – we learn from our mistakes.  Or do you get upset with yourself and say something like you should have seen it coming.

What would you advise your best friend
It could be as simple as when you are feeling low and can’t quite find a way through the situation.  Try lift yourself out by looking at it as if it is someone else’s.  Ask yourself, what would you advise your best friend and give that advice to yourself.

Reach out
If your best friend is feeling low, you might have a special way to reach out.  How do you reach out to yourself.  Again switch that thinking and move it to what you would like.  Then do that for you or adjust it to what would you would like as your best friend to yourself.

Respect for yourself 
It isn’t about being “all about me”, it does mean having respect for yourself.  Giving yourself time and attention when it is needed. Time to nurture yourself.

Treat yourself
So go on, treat yourself.  Treat yourself like your best friend and see how that feels.

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