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There is so much available on self-improvement, we have a smorgasbord. Improvement to make you a better person, successful, have a better life. Personally I love growth but this is not what this article is about. It is more about you and me just being. Sometimes we get so caught up with the journey of discovery that we forget to discover what is right in front of you.

So what would happen if you accepted that you are OK just the way you are? The way you truly are. This would include all your experiences, including your achievements and your perceived failures. Let’s add in everything to the mix. Even what possibly you don’t even like to admit about yourself. Say the mistakes you made were on the list of ingredients, sour or bitter as it may have seemed at the time, which helped you to make a combined mixture that set a course for a brighter future. Even propelled you to create a future you really wanted.

What are your failures or faults anyway? You notice them but does anyone else. With a focus so strong you magnify them so much that you lose sight as to what is important and what is not. And if those faults are noticeable and needing change, well, so be it. Change them.

You are more than your faults. You have strengths as well, your successes and they have been present since the day you were born. You were strong enough to come into this world weren’t you? You were successful when you took your first steps and first spoke. These are monumental successes, somehow over time we write them off because “everyone” does them. Should we? If we struggled to walk because of some illness or accident and finally did walk we would proclaim this a success and be proud of it.

Just how much of what we do is success and yet it is discounted? Bet, there is a long list that you forget to acknowledge about yourself. Try writing it down and see what you come up with. Whether it is long or short it is something you can surely build on as you gain focus on how awesome you really are.

Regardless of a list, let’s say you are just perfect the way you are, here and now. That you have never been better than you are right here and now. What is happening right now? Are you breathing? Can you think? Are you experiencing that which is right in front of you? If we subtracted all the wants, all the needs we have exactly what we really need right now? That is, us, the “me”, the “I”.

Take a look at yourself down to simply being. As simple as that may seem just being alive actually is so complex that it is mind boggling. Just being here is a miracle. And you my friends are that miracle. You are truly a miracle. How joyous is it to know you are your own miracle and I am Ok just the way I am.



  1. Danielle says:

    Made my day ✨✨✨✨ beautiful !

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