Bombay Jayashri – Pi’s lullaby

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The song is a lullaby that carefully and delicately introduces the beginning of Life of Pi the movie.  The song is sung in Tamil, a language predominately spoken by Tamil people of South India and North-East Sri Lanka.  The song was nominated for Best Original Song in the 85th Academy Awards in 2013.

What we like

  • The gentle harmonies sung in combination with the music give you a feeling of peace that transcends the need to understand the words.  However, once you see the translation of the words it gives it greater depth and caresses your soul

Soul experience

  • This beautiful lullaby sets the scene for an incredible movie and it lulls you into a sense of wonderment of the story that unfolds

To reflect on

  • Are you a Peacock? Or it’s beautiful plumage? …
  • Are you the moon?  Or the moonlight? …
  • Are you the eyelid?  Or the dreams within? …
  • Are you a flower?  Or it’s sweet nectar? …


Map the soul musician’s birthplace
Map the photograph location

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