Otto Bell – the eagle huntress

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The Eagle Huntress is a documentary film of the story of Aisholpan, a 13 year old Kazakh girl from Mongolia who attempts to be the first female eagle hunter to compete at the eagle festival at Ulgi, Mongolia. To live up to the eagle hunter tradition her journey takes her beyond to even greater challenges. Subtitled and narrated.

Mind Stars – Aisholpan Nurgaiv

What we like

  • The challenge to the status quo of eagle hunting and the family support that Aisholpan receives
  • The family life of Mongolian nomads with beautiful cinematography of the Altai Mountains

Mind Experience

  • Aisholpan shows that the courage she has is in line with her inherited fearlessness. One could ask where would she be if she didn’t have the support of her family and particularly the blessing of her grandfather and father. When we are supported particularly from those that are close to us we can naturally develop a belief system which supports what we want to achieve. At times it is not always as simple as that. We can have doubts regardless of our support. Aisholpan shows us to remain determined, to be courageous, to practice, to develop relationships and move forward.

To think about

  • Aisholpan: Be brave and keep moving forward no matter what happens.


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