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Samsara is a non-narrative documentary that was filmed over five years in twenty five countries. The movie contains amazing imagery shot from many perspectives and techniques. Samsara is Tibetan Sanskrit for the repeating cycle of birth, life and death.  Samsara expands on the themes developed in Baraka an earlier movie.

What we like

  • We were totally captivated and perplexed by the journey we took with this movie
  • Magically exposed to seeing through the artist’s eyes and feelings through the hypnotic score
  • Simple interaction with the imagery exposing us to a combination of beauty and existence

Soul experience

  • We often want to classify or put things into some sort of order so we can attempt to understand. What would happen if we had no dialogue to what we see and experience. How would it be if we just observed and experienced it as is? You will find a different world awaits you when you open to the experience of the observer. You will see, hear and feel the world maybe as you remembered it as a child

To reflect on

  • What do you experience when you become the observer?
  • What will Samsara unveil for you?


Link to Samsara site
Map the soul movie location
Map the photograph location

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