Rozalla –everybody’s free (to feel good)

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Everybody’s free (to feel good) is performed by Rozalla who is a Zambian dance music performer. This song was her most popular hit and has been re-released and remixed several times since its first release.

What we like

  • The upbeat tempo mixed with that flowing message that we are free to feel good. And many of us feel good with a good dance!

Soul experience

  • If we make a choice to feel good no matter the circumstance, we choose to be in this moment. If we can truly be in the moment we will discover that happiness is always there waiting for us patiently. If in that moment another person is present we can also make a difference in their life. By sharing our presence with those around us and acknowledging this moment we connect. Love and happiness flows so effortlessly in these moments

To reflect on

  • We are a family that should stand together as one
    Helping each other instead of just wasting time
    Now is the moment to reach out to someone
    It’s all up to you
    When everyone’s sharing their hope
    Then love will win through


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