Thierry Ragobert, Jean Lemire, Thierry Piantanida – the white planet

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The White Planet is a 2006 documentary directed by Jean Lemire, Thierry Ragobert and Thierry Piantanida.  It focuses on the changing landscape and abundance of wild life that lives and migrates to the Arctic annually.  Following the seasons the wildlife is introduced with interesting commentary and imagery complimented with the enchanting original music by Bruno Coulais.  The movie was nominated for a Genie Award in 2007 for the documentary category.  The Genie Award is given to the best of Canadian Cinema by Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Soul Stars – Arctic Hare, Muskox, Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, Common Raven, Arctic Wolf, Lemming, Harp Seal…

What we like

  • There is a beautiful balance of the delicacy between all aspects of the movie just the right amount of interesting information provided via commentary, imagery and music
  • So many stunningly beautiful and touching shots of the wild life and arctic scenery  – a polar bear hugging her cub, the moon over the landscape, the beluga as if dancing in the ocean, the Arctic Angels like a choir, Aurora Borealis described as the spirits revealing themselves

Soul experience

  • Seals can be easily seen in the wild without visiting such delicate and remote territory.  We have visited a seal colony at Kaikoura, New Zealand, pictured.  These fur seals are a different species to the arctic harp seals.  There is nothing like the experience of seeing animals in the wild in breathtaking scenery.  

To reflect on

  • 9 out of 10 times a female polar bear fails at capturing prey for her cubs.  Sure says something about perseverance doesn’t it?


Map the soul movie location
Map the photograph location

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